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Admittedly, I didn't watch Gov. Strickland's speech. I taped it so that I cna watch it WITHOUT my children in the room. LOL. I see that he proposed extending the school year by 20 days. What are your thoughts? Here are mine (without hearing the speech): pros: more time with students is always good more pay - maybe people will realize that our summers really aren't paid vacations cons: -If mandated testing isn't drastically changed, what good is 20 extra days after the test? That's why my district has decided to put as many make up snow days during spring break as possible - we've decided plugging extra days at the end of the school year just aren't that beneficial. Loading them in August would be more beneficial than June.

-Some of you may be sitting in pretty new buildings, but my district is still another 15-20 years down the state list. We have no air conditioning, and quite frankly, many times our heat is questionable. Adding 20 days somewhere in June or August is NOT appe...See More
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pksped ALL of the previous post was mine. I deleted all the old stuff, but somehow left the top part that said "on 1/29/09 CB wrote." So it looked like CB wrote it, but I take the credit / (blame??) for it. Sorry for the confusion.

> I'm showing my age. I momentarily forgot about the Praxis III; I was hired > in pre-praxis days. I agree tha...See More
Jan 30, 2009
CB Thanks about my b l o g; I'm slightly obsessed with the whole b l o g ging industry.

I love my rural district, and would choose it any day over the big suburban schools. I do, however, wish there wasn't such a gap in pay between where I am and 20 miles away in suburbia. Doing the same job I am now with the same qualifications, I would make...See More
Jan 30, 2009
Elizabeth I have worked in many different industries and I would say with a 100% guarantee that rural areas pay less in most, if not all, fields. One time when interviewing with a recruiter (I'm in a business field) I was told to make the kind of money I want to make, I have to be in downtown Cleveland. The further you get from the city, the less you will be...See More
Feb 12, 2009
CB Sure, but do all of those industries have state-mandated minimum requirements for employment? That's my only issue with the discrepancy in pay. We are all required to fulfill the same requirements, so I have the same minimum training as any other teacher in Ohio.

Thanks on the blog :)

On 2/12/09, Elizabeth wrote: > I have worke...See More
Feb 12, 2009
OHTechTeacher I briefly spoke with my principal about the governor's plan. I like the forms of multiple assessments, like the senior project. I think its a great idea. I'm all for interdisciplinary learning (thats what I'm into as a business/technology teacher. However....with the class size mandate in grades K-3....class size cap at 15 students....we would have...See More
Feb 26, 2009

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