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I heard today that there is a very good possibility due to budget cuts that several grade levels that have multiple standardized tests may lose one or more test. For me, I heard that fourth grade will very likely no longer be tested in writing and fifth grade may very well no longer be tested in social studies. I also heard Praxis III may be cut. Does anyone have any news on this?
M.Ken I'm not sure about the testing cuts, however I am sure that Praxis III has been eliminated in Ohio earlier this year. I was told by my superintendent that the state will come up with something else for those of us with a 2 year provisional who have not had the opportunity to complete the Praxis III.

Jul 22, 2009
Malinda Ken I read that the grade 5 social studies test would be being given only if the state can budget for the it. I think I also read that the Reading test for Grade 5 OAT will become a literacy test-- language arts. I don't know about the Praxis III, it doesn't apply to me.
Jul 24, 2009

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