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When is the best time to find teaching positions posted online? I am moving to Lake County Ohio at the end of 2009-2010 school year. I have nine years experience in special education. I'm assuming that Ohio gives out contracts in the spring for the up coming school year. Should I start the hunt early 2010?
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jessia On 7/29/09, Teach09 wrote: > You'll want to get your resume/cover letter/miscellaneous > information on the teaching database website by February or > March at the latest. I live in Ohio but unfortunately have > never heard of Lake County so I can't tell you what online > database that area uses. (There are online databases for > ...See More
Jul 29, 2009
still waiting You should find a job since you have special ed experience. I have been here a year and it looks like I still won't have a job for another year at least. Not sure where Lake County is but you may find something nearby. I wouldn't get discouraged if you don't find any postings in the spring as the teachers here have until sometime in July to announc...See More
Jul 30, 2009
look west Lake county is very small. What town? If you are going to be on the west side of Lake around Mentor, Painseville, Concord, etc. you may want to look at Cuyahoga County - right next door. Jobs are very hard to come by in NE Ohio. Special Ed or any other certification is very competitive. Be sure that you are HQT in specific subjects or you will have...See More
Jul 30, 2009
Tina/OH/5 I would gather a list of schools in that area that you might be interested in applying at. I would then do all that is needed to apply to those schools in early March/April. I'm about 1 1/2 hours SE of Lake County and we did a lot of hiring in April/Early May. You may want to check out to see if any of those schools has a website. Many districts ha...See More
Jul 31, 2009
Elizabeth This is what I would do, make a list of the schools districts in excel with their websites and dates across the top. Register on- line with them, but be prepared, they will not just call you even if you register. Visit the school's websites 3 times a week (keep track on your log)and call every other week from May through July. When jobs do post, th...See More
Aug 4, 2009

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