Re: moving to OH next summer

    This is what I would do, make a list of the schools districts in
    excel with their websites and dates across the top. Register on-
    line with them, but be prepared, they will not just call you
    even if you register. Visit the school's websites 3 times a week
    (keep track on your log)and call every other week from May
    through July. When jobs do post, they are usually only up for a
    week or less, AND you sometimes have only days to submit your

    Not sure how this process happened in your area, but up here,
    just registering at their site DOES NOT MEAN they will at all
    consider you! You need to stay on top of that, trust me, and
    apply specifically to each position. My hubby just got a job,
    some of the ones that he applied to were only posted for 2 or 3
    days!!! If we weren't watching, we would have missed them! AND
    they STILL get hundreds of resumes for one opening!

    Good luck!

    On 7/31/09, Tina/OH/5 wrote:
    > I would gather a list of schools in that area that you might be
    > interested in applying at. I would then do all that is needed
    > to apply to those schools in early March/April. I'm about 1
    > 1/2 hours SE of Lake County and we did a lot of hiring in
    > April/Early May. You may want to check out to see if any of
    > those schools has a website. Many districts have websites that
    > list all of the positions they are hiring for. This can be a
    > great asset.
    > Best Wishes!
    > Tina