Re: Need an English job near Lordstown!
    Ohio jobs

    The market is super competitive here. If you are willing to
    work in an urban school like Warren or Youngstown, you will
    have a better chance of securing a position. You have to
    apply to each individual school you are interested in. There
    are educational service centers in Trumbull and Mahoning
    counties, but they don't cover every school in the county. I
    would start making calls about positions. Most schools do
    not post openings on-line. Also, having a masters makes you
    more expensive. There are never any job fairs in this area.
    Sometimes it is just being in the right place at the right
    time. I know people who graduated 3 or 4 years ago and are
    still subbing and others who got lucky and secured positions
    right out of school. Lot of "old boy" stuff around here, so
    those who know people seem to get in faster. You can always
    sub in the local schools also. I wish you good luck, this is
    a really tough market.

    On 4/18/10, Moving to Ohio too soon! wrote:
    > My husband was transfered to the General Motors plant in
    > Ohio, and I am looking for a middle school English job in
    > the area. The plant is located in Lordstown. I have heard
    > from numerous people that the teaching jobs are hard to
    > come by in Ohio. Is this true?
    > I am currently teaching in Baltimore, Maryland at a blue
    > ribbon school. I have been teaching for 7 years and have a
    > Masters degree and other qualifications. I have applied for
    > liscensure in Ohio and want to start putting out my resume.
    > Are there any area job fairs anyone knows of which I could
    > attend? I am so unfamiliar with the area that I don't even
    > know where to start! HELP! :)