Re: 10 minute screening for an interview

    On 5/17/10, jray wrote:
    > Has anyone heard of a 10 minute teacher screening for an
    > interview? I am moving and am in the process of
    > interviewing. I got a call today from a school system who
    > is hiring intervention specialists. I couldn't get to the
    > phone so the woman left a message telling me that if I was
    > interested in
    > interviewing for the position, I could come in for a
    > screening, which would take ten minutes. I've been teaching
    > for ten years and have worked in 4 different schools (I
    > move a lot due to hubby's job) but I never heard of
    > anything like this. Anyone have any ideas what this is
    > about?
    > Never heard of that but my guess would be it's a quick way
    to narrow down the people so they choose the best candidates
    to interview for the position. I would think some basic
    questions and if they like what they hear, you get invited