Re: Masters requirement

    On 6/24/10, t wrote:
    > Does anybody else wonder how we Ohio teachers are supposed
    > to pay for our Masters degree when we can't get a job to
    > pay for our education?

    AMEN! i will answer your question since the first people seem
    to have reading comprehension issues...and they're the ones
    with jobs! to clarify...the question did not ask
    about "teaching jobs not paying for your masters" but about
    paying for your masters without a job.

    i have been without a teaching job for 2 school years, during
    which time i had to get my masters degree, otherwise i would
    not be able to renew my license in 2011. on sub teacher pay,
    its next to impossible to live, let alone pay for grad
    school. so now i have loans. lots of loans. my undergrad loans
    (to get my useless teaching degree) and grad school loans(to
    keep my useless teaching degree) have me $55,000 in the hole.

    and how will i pay these loans? easy. ill have to take
    whatever job i can get, in any industry i can get it,
    rendering all that education useless. i can only hope to get
    something in education eventually.

    its a broken system. dont try to understand it. it will only
    make you miserable.