Re: Masters requirement
    I see that 2011teacher also dealt with the posts at hand...

    > 2011teacher responded to my further inquiry (thank you, by the way)
    and went back and addressed OP's concern. Reading comprehension
    appears to be just fine.
    > Generally, in the for-profit world, continuing education IS paid for
    > by employers. I, too, paid for my own master's degree (Hiram
    > College, about $17,000). In the long run the expense is worth it.
    > Most schools will give a new master's recipient a healthy bump in
    > pay, usually about 4K to 5K per year. Also, it is important to
    > remember that tuition costs can be written off of one's taxes
    > as "lifelong learning."
    > As far as addressing the costs without a teaching job, why not find
    > an interim job during grad school and then bring this extra value to
    > your school interviews once they materialize? Hell, I'm 54 years
    > old and a new teacher after a long career in another industry. If I
    > can do it anyone can!