Re: Low Preliminary Ohio Achievement Assessment scores

    Have you looked at the % of reading questions the fifth graders
    have to pass for proficiency? Compare it to 6th, & 7th, grade.
    The fifth graders %'s are higher. Can anyone explain this? Our
    fifth graders barely passed their reading test. What do you
    think about the math?

    On 6/29/10, Di wrote:
    > Haven't seen our scores yet, but what's up with that 5th gr.
    > test? Every year the scores across the state are terrible.
    > Do you think they need to revamp it?
    > Di
    > On 6/29/10, Anne wrote:
    >> Our fifth grade team is shocked and disappointed over our
    >> low preliminary Ohio Achievment Assessment scores:( We
    >> worked very hard this year - Reading Study Island, Ohio
    >> Coach Workbook, practice tests, grouping by ability levels
    >> for various standards, review games, etc. Any helpful
    >> strategies would be greatly appreciated!