Ohio Teacher Job Fairs 2011
    Kim Morgan

    I noticed the annual Teacher Job Fair at the Miami Valley
    Career Center in the Dayton area was cancelled this year and
    was wondering if anyone knew why? I went last year and was
    planning to go this year. Also, does anyone know of any
    Teacher Job Fairs in Ohio that is open to anyone, who has a
    teaching license just like the one mentioned above. If so,
    please post a link URL and a brief description.

    Another thing is what are some Ohio teacher employment
    websites you use to find teacher openings besides the ODE,
    OHReap, College Career Center and the individual school
    districts websites? Please share websites you use to. I have
    a teaching license and I have been trying for years to
    become employed as a Language Arts Teacher, but nothing. So
    silly for thinking I could be more than a waitress.