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I recived my grace letter from the OAPP concerning atlernative testing, and I am now allowed to register for the OGET/OSAT. I wonder if there is a misprint however. I was under the impression that at least 6 hours of education related courses were required prior to the professional exam. However, mine reads that I will need to cmplete 0 (zero) hours.... Does this happen often?
Brenda Kinnison Do you have your Masters Degree?
Mar 23, 2009
Laura On 3/23/09, Brenda Kinnison wrote: > Do you have your Masters Degree?

I lack the thesis, but all courses, research and such are there. When looking over the Alt. Cert. information, all listed as requiring at least 6 hours of supplemental courses. I guess my collection of courses was more diverse than I thought.
Mar 29, 2009
Brenda Yes, in Human Relations.
Apr 18, 2009

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