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Guruface is your complete online platform for learning and training. Our mission is to provide a state of the art online training platform for students, freelance trainers, corporate trainers, and small to mid-size companies worldwide. We have a foundation of highly talented professional trainers who specialize in a variety of subject areas including

1. Language Learning (Any)

2. Personality Development

3. Science

4. Mathematics

5. Computer Skills and Office Productivity

6. Information Technology

7. Programming Languages

8. Web Designing

9. Software Testing and QA

10. QA and Process Improvement

11. Project Management

12. Health care and Fitness

13. Fine arts and Crafts

14. Culinary Arts

15. Accounting

16. Business

17. Digital Marketing

18. Exam Preparation

19. Healthcare and Fitness

20. Fine ar...See More
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Mar 24, 2021

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