Re: Teacher job outlook - any new info?

    Yes, Las Vegas is hiring! My husband and I moved from Portland
    to Las Vegas for teaching jobs and are happy here. Just to warn
    you, the Nevada board is terribly negative and full of
    disgruntled teachers. Read it if you want but don't be sucked
    into the negativity. There are plenty of teachers here who are
    On 1/08/05, LCruz wrote:
    > Las Vegas, Nevada is hiring. This year alone the state hired
    approximately 2,000
    > new teachers. The pay is ok and the cost of living is rising
    daily. Still, it is a state to
    > consider.
    > On 1/01/05, Dennis wrote:
    >> So WHAT state are teachers actually needed?
    >> I'm in Hawaii where teachers are needed and there is a
    >> shortage, however it's like pulling teeth to get into the
    >> system. And the cost of living has gone up so much most
    >> transplant teachers leave the state after 2 years because they
    >> can't afford to live here.
    >> On 10/24/04, Andrea wrote:
    >>> Hi all.
    >>> I'm actually not planning on moving to Oregon after I
    >>> finish grad school, but I was still curious how the
    >>> teacher employment situation is going. Two years ago, I
    >>> had hoped to move there, but no more! I'm actually moving
    >>> to a state where they NEED teachers and are even offering
    >>> incentives. Still, Oregon will always be my "first love."
    >>> :) So, any improvements? Or are teachers with PhDs still
    >>> working in retail? :)