Re: Providence Teachers Start look for jobs as soon as you f
    From the Lone Star State...

    I read about you guys while looking at the news from my cell
    phone. DANG!!!

    We have some serious problems in Texas (even though our
    re-hired governor refuses to spend a giant "rainy-day" fund)
    but absolutely NOTHING like Rhode Island!

    Your governor and school board are as "cold as ice"--PERIOD!

    My heart goes out to every teacher...geez! :/

    On 2/26/11, Why wait until spring or nex year - Better start
    looking now wrote:
    > They'll want to rehire only the cheapest teachers to
    > "balance the budget.
    > No rehires of all you Senior "not-really-teaching" high
    > paid professionals.

    > Once you've been fired your contract is over, don't wait
    > around, leave right away!

    > Good Luck