Re: SCDE Refuses to Talk with a SC teacher
    Theodore A. Jones

    No person or organization, especially a government organization,
    is allowed the latitude of contemptuousness of public policy in
    the United States without becoming conspicuous. It may have
    skipped your notice but deliberately with holding pertinent
    information to a person to whom a government organization
    proposes an employment situation that will result in the
    inevitable detriment to the person employed is indeed
    objectionable and contrary to the public policy of the Untied
    States. In South Carolina, even though every employer already has
    the advantage of employment at will, the South Carolina
    Department of Education in order to make the ADEPT evaluation
    system functional enticed the legislature to exclude the
    protection of due process to a class identified as the SC
    classroom teacher. Further in regard to only the status of
    annual contract employment relative to SC school districts is it
    the policy mandate of SCDE to "Do NOT tell them up front" that
    upon signing an annual contract has a person unknowingly
    subjected themselves to an ADEPT formal evaluation. In the case
    of the teacher referenced she had no idea of the existence of
    the ADEPT evaluation system nor did she have any idea she would
    be rescinding her right to due process by signing an annual
    contract to teach. Normatively contracts in the US are nullified
    if they are deliberately constructed to not fully inform. However
    in regard to the annual teaching contract of SC public school
    districts they are deliberately designed by SCDE policy to
    obscure the fact that a teacher has placed his/her whole life's
    preparation and career at jeopardy by signing. The district had
    the right not to continue employing the teacher but the district
    had no right to not fully inform the consequence of accepting an
    annual contract that carries the double jeopardy factor relative
    to ADEPT. For the ADEPT evaluation process by SC law established
    the factor of a second chance to pass an ADEPT evaluation if the
    first evaluation is a failure BEFORE any sanction is imposed
    upon a teacher. Since the district did not renew the teacher's
    contract and has also used the excuse of an ADEPT evaluation
    failure to not renew, it cut off her right to the second chance
    of passing an ADEPT evaluation. One can have his cake, but one
    cannot have his cake and also eat it too. Actually the ADEPT
    system is the teaching contract in SC by law but SCDE and the
    districts have are not up to speed..........yet. Why don't you
    contact Kathy Meeks or M. Bounds at SCDE. I am sure they will
    answer all your questions with deliberate obscurities, but
    signing a contract to teach in a SC school district is not a
    good idea for you. They have the cake and will eat you too. Have
    another go at me Angie for it is now an illegality in SC to
    sanction any teacher if the teacher has only failed one ADEPT
    evaluation. It is SC law. Which maybe a shock to you perhaps.
    On 12/22/09, Angie wrote:
    > This may come as a shock to most teachers, but in any other
    > profession no reason has to be given for a termination of
    > employment. Everyone is an employee at will and SC is a state
    > where the employer can terminate employment as they see fit.
    > While it appears that the district used the guise of ADEPT to
    > rid itself of unwanted employees, it is not illegal. I do not
    > pretend to know the reasons, but I'm certain there are some.
    > Take solace in the fact that for everything there is a reason
    > and a purpose; there's no such thing as 'accidents.'
    > On 12/10/09, Theodore A. Jones wrote:
    >> A highly qualified SC math teacher learned the hard way
    >> today that certain high officials in the ADEPT section of
    >> SCDE are refusing to answer the hard questions about the
    >> ADEPT evaluation system. The teacher in this report has
    >> well over twenty years experience teaching and additional
    >> experience as a senior research scientist in mathematic
    >> assessment. This teacher was requested by a district and
    >> taught AP math courses for a SC high school last year.
    >> Obtained a 100% passing rate for all the students taught,
    >> failed a formal ADEPT evaluation, and is now out of
    >> teaching in any SC high school classroom. What you really
    >> and truly need to understand about the reprehensible ADEPT
    >> evaluation system is that it, can and is by design, be made
    >> to have a predestinated outcome and there is not one thing
    >> you can do about it. Another teacher formally "evaluated"
    >> at the same time and by this the same "evaluation" crew
    >> passed the first half. When the building principal realized
    >> that this teacher was passing the second half he made the
    >> "evaluators" re-score the first passing part into a
    >> failure. Don't believe a single word SCDE plays on the
    >> house organ about wanting to retain good, fair and honest
    >> teachers. Nothing is further from the truth. You can get
    >> the axe at any time on a mentally disturbed principal's
    >> whim or an unjust sane one's too. The ADEPT system is a
    >> tool designed to function against you no matter how good
    >> you are or how hard you try. Watch your back teacher. The
    >> teacher in this report did not have any idea what the ADEPT
    >> evaluation system is. Was not trained to comply with it.
    >> And not one of the teacher's colleagues lifted a finger to
    >> give this teacher any help. But these colleagues all warm a
    >> church pew on Sunday singing about how good they are to
    >> God. I wonder what their evaluation will result in?