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You should read part 1 first.

I continue: The next day I was called back to the school and found myself (after some waiting) confronted by Dr so and so (from HR) and my principal (who said virtually nothing at this conference). I was told I am on admin leave until this is sorted out and investigated. I of course pled my absolute innocence. I have never resorted to name calling of any type in a classroom. And by the way, I have proof because I record everything I say to my students every day, all day. She got a little testy at that and went through the entire denial package (must be a dem). Did I get permission from their parents, did I seek the principal's permission, did I get the districts approval, the big list. I said, no,no,no,no, and do not need it. She said "goes against District policy", I said show that to me, I must have missed that one (not there). She said "are you recording this meeting", I said I really did not have to reply to that, but yes, I record all I say, ...See More

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