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You should read parts 1 and 2 first.

She also said no one needs to record themselves and it is not needed.

I said, really, case in point, this flies in the face of that comment.

Two weeks later (on paid suspension) I get a call to come into the district office this time, they need to see me. When I get there I was told that I had been fired, as they had 3 witnesses to the offence and that was their conclusion. I asked for copies of all data and paperwork which they used to draw this conclusion. I said you can provide it now or at deposition, but I am entitled to it. And by the way, did you not hear when I said that I have proof that this did not happen? Did anyone inform those who lied that slander is against the law? You do understand that writing a lie down is libel? Immediately the forms they had pushed at me to sign were retracted. and I was asked to provide a copy of the audio files for three days including the incident (which I did the next day). That w...See More

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