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This semester started out like many others. Got hired, set up my room (on my own time mostly), prepared to teach, started teaching etc.. Only two days in I got called into the Office and was told my students were complaining. Seems the work is too hard, and I am being too hard on them, and my classroom language is too harsh, etc... I was taken a little back by all this. I was simply following the school and department rules for class, and of course common sense. I really do not think common sense is as common as it used to be. The students were needy (as always) and just had a very difficult time divorcing their cell phones during class, not bringing food into a LAB room, and leaving cell phones before going to the BR. Seems like their life in class was just horrible. These wonderful students simply needed discipline in their little lives (or so I thought). 2 more trips to the office and then in the second week I was pulled out of a faculty meeting and asked "what happened?" in class y...See More

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