Re: Are there still jobs in TN? Check this out....
to sammy from judy

    Checked out the web site. I am not sure that MSC could
    still need 100 more teachers. This could have been when
    they first started even though the date said 7/28. But it
    could be possible because MCS has hired before at the last
    minute. Would you have a better chance at a position if it
    could be regular middle school or highschool? Just a
    thought. How did your interview go? Was it in a different
    state? MCS just sent me another short survey, did they
    you? I'll write later.
    Take CareJudy

    On 7/29/06, Samuel T. Johnson wrote:
    > check that out... if it does not come up, go to
    > Click on "all categories" then
    > click on TN.
    > Hope this is of some help or opens yours eyes to the
    > truth... Sammy Johnson