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Hello any and all with TN information. I teach 5th grade
in Compton, Ca and I love my job - but who can afford to
live here? Houses are over the 1/2 mil mark (and I'm
talking fixer-uppers) and my take home salary (gross
$5,300 monthly) is about $3,000 with pers, medical,
retirment, union, and disability. Not cutting it.

My students rock each year on the state test because I
work their tushies off - "gotta" learn, "gotta" learn, but
I also "gotta" live.

I'm tenured (after 2 years) and have great administrator
evaluations (stulls). My student STAR scores speak for
themselves. Classroom management isn't an issue. My
entire class is ELL and I routinely have 33-36 students.

Questions: Tenure? Salary measured against cost-of-
living? I know TN doesn't have any state income tax and
utilities are much lower than ours (my summer bills were
over $400 - per month!). Car tags are one set fee whe...See More
Cydney Miller /blockquote>


What a coincidence that I pulled up your posting and that
you are familiar with Clarksville! My name is Cydney Miller
and I am the Coordinator of Recruiting and Employment for
the Clarksville Montgomery County School System. We are
actively seeking great teachers and would definitely be
...See More
Jan 10, 2007

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