Re: teacher employment
Gilbert Carter

    Hi Rickey, our company contracts with teachers to identify
    resources, design curricula and lessons plans for use by
    home educators. In the Bartlett, TN area we are also
    seeking proctors qualified to administer Stanford 10 and
    Iowa Achievement tests. If you are interested contact me
    through our website: or the email
    with this post. Gilbert.On 1/17/07, Rickey D. Capps wrote:
    > I am highly qualified in biology, general science, English,
    > and psychology in TN. I have 22 years teaching experience
    > along with 30 semester hours above a master's. I retired
    > from teaching in 2005, but that was a mistake. I really
    > do miss teaching. If anyone would be in need of an
    > experienced and creative teacher, please contact me.