Re: moving to Clarksville
Dr. Barbara Y. Wills

    We have just moved here as our daughter teaches at Ross View
    Middle just down the road from us. We do have nice homes and a
    nice neighborhood in Virginia Hills just off Ross View Rd. You
    should have no trouble finding a position, but you must act qickly
    as school soon begins here. If you would like a new addition to
    your family this year, an AFS foreign exchange student,or like to
    volunteer with AFS let me know. I am the public relation's chair
    for the Miss Tennky Area AFS Leadership Team (see Currently, we have a Thai female and three
    males from Hong Kong, Paraguay, and Chile. I just retired from 43
    years in education, most of it as a professional counselor, but
    worked in many states and in Africa as well.Hope you enjoy Clarksville. Let me know if I can be of help to
    you. We have a great real estate agent, Joey

    Dr. Barbara Wills, NCC,LPC

    On 6/14/07, Vicki wrote:
    > Hey C.,
    > We have lived in Clarksville for 10 years. I am a teacher in
    > training because it seems to be one of the few professions in
    > the area that you can make a semi-decent salary and not have to
    > drive to Nashville.
    > As far as a job, I'll just repeat what I have heard repeatedly:
    > the goal of the Clarksville/Montgomery County School System is
    > to open a new school EVERY YEAR to keep up with growth. That may
    > or may not be true, but at least since we've lived here they
    > average a new school at the very least every couple of years.
    > Just keep in mind that Clarksville growth is fueled by
    > neighboring Ft. Campbell.
    > I like the pace of life here too, I go home to visit family in
    > South Florida and can't wait to get back here (too hectic! too
    > much road rage! LOL). I've often described Clarksville as a big
    > town with a small town attitude.
    > Prepare to have you salary cut in almost half - however the
    > housing is relatively cheap (the further away from Ft. Campbell,
    > the better price-wise,crime-wise and traffic-wise). Sadly, there
    > is an abundance of VA repossesed homes that you sometimes get a
    > good deal on. Check the real estate sites, to me a $150,000
    > house around here is almost a mansion LOL!
    > Unfortunately, you will have to deal with military seperation
    > issues, alot of these kids haven't seen their mom/dad for over a
    > year. Poverty is an interesting dynamic in some areas too. As a
    > parent volunteer, I think I've seen it all and then I
    > meet "Johnnie's" mom. 'Nuff said.
    > I'm sorry I can't give you the teacher perspective yet, but
    > based on what you say, I think you would be a tremendous asset
    > to our school system!
    > Good luck with your decision and maybe we'll be working together
    > soon LOL! (I hope, Biology is giving me a good run for my money!)
    > Take care- Vicki
    > On 6/11/07, C. Brown wrote:
    >> Hi,
    >> I plan on moving to Clarksville June 2008. I have my Prof.
    >> Clear Multiple Subject from CA, my Master in Ed, plus I will
    >> have completed my Special Ed credential by Dec. 2007. I teach
    >> 5th grade reg ed, but moving to Special Ed this fall. My
    >> class is 100&37; ELL students. I am good at moving them in
    > API
    >> and achieving AYP - depending upon the level of students I
    >> receive at the beginning of the year.
    >> I am on Leadership, School Site Council, am grade level chair,
    >> After School Program Coordinator, and I'm the nutrition lead
    >> teacher. (I stay pretty busy.)
    >> My mother raves about the job opportunities in Clarksville - I
    >> graduated from H.S. there and my family still lives there.
    >> I want to enjoy life a bit more fully. I finally made the
    >> decision to just "do it" as Nike says, and I plan on moving
    >> the week after school is out June 2008 - but, I joke I will be
    >> loading my U-Haul at the school site on the last day of
    >> school. HA! I need to move where the cost of living is
    >> somewhat approaching managable...with houses at $500,000+ and
    >> only making about $60,000, there is not a way to stretch those
    >> $$$.
    >> Since you are already in the trenches - what do you think the
    >> job market is like...prospects for future, etc?
    >> Your feedback is really appreciated. Thanks for taking the
    >> time to read this.