Re: Teaching in Memphis
Carole Fincher

    Dear James and LisaJane:I too have been rejected twice from MCS. They wanted me about 6 years
    ago. At that time, I did not want to take the 3 courses I needed for
    my endorsement and I just wasn't ready. I was teaching at the
    University of Memphis where I didn't need the endorsement. Recently I
    left the university because I was so tired of it --same ole , same
    ole. I contacted Union University about getting my endorsement and
    they told me that would just give it me with no further courses!!!
    Blessings! I now have my endorsement. But I still couldn't get a job
    with MCS. I have a B.A. Spanish, a Tenn Teaching Certificate (need
    only 1 three hour class in anything to renew it), a Master's in
    English and ESL and 11 years experience teaching ESL. Any course to
    renew it would cost around $900 and I can't gamble on them hiring me.
    On my last and most recent interview I heard one of the interviewers
    say that they were so tired of hiring people who wanted to wait to
    take the courses they needed because they have had so many people
    take the job like that and then quit! They are finsihed with that. I
    know from going over on Summer and Graham Streets that we have a
    million more Latinos here. I sure would like to teach and I need a
    job. I just can't believe that they have enough ESL teachers.


    On 7/09/07, James to LizaJane wrote:
    > As a matter of fact, this morning I received another notice from
    > MCS stating my file lacked my transcripts and certifications!!! I
    > have given all in plurality!!! Unreal! It made me laugh. The
    > situation with the 500 fired had to do with failing to take six
    > credits over a three year period to either obtain or maintain
    > their Tennessee certification.
    > I am bilingual (Spanish and English). BA in English MA in
    > TESOL. Certified in NH and NJ. Have worked in Latin America,
    > USA, Europe, and Asia teaching ESL. I thought that MCS would be
    > knocking my door down with job opportunities. Oh well, their
    > loss... I have given them plenty of chances by stating my sincere
    > interest and willingness to move there and teach. With such
    > disorganization and need of instructors, it must be easy to get
    > tenure there.
    > I doubt I will hear anything more from them.
    > Good luck and feel free to respond. Thanks!!! James
    > On 7/09/07, LizaJane/tn wrote:
    >> Hi James! Well, I don't know about the losing 500 teachers due
    >> to that but we do have some turnover and that may well be a
    >> cause. It was a nightmare for me to get my "highly qualified"
    >> status because no one apparently took the time to actually OPEN
    >> my folder to see what was missing. Ended up they needed a copy
    >> of one evaluation. I did the leg work and went to my old school
    >> for a copy, hand carried it to the board, and would not leave
    >> until I got my HQ status letter.
    >> We do have a need for more ESL teachers. Our Hispanic population
    >> is growing in Memphis. I have heard that my own school qualifies
    >> for a second ESL teacher this year. I love it because we have
    >> such a diverse population....many children from Mexico, Vietnam,
    >> and the Middle East. Maybe you'll end up there if HR gets your
    >> paperwork done. Good luck!
    >> On 7/09/07, James...Thanks to Liza/Jane wrote:
    >>> Thanks! Losing paper work is clearly the case in their
    >>> handling of my professional file. I have sent transcripts to
    >>> them three times. It was costly for most out of staters to go
    >>> to the initial interview. HR there seems to be an
    >>> organizational disaster. Yes, the money does sound good. HR
    >>> rep told me last year that MCS was losing five hundred
    >>> teachers due to bureaucracy, could this be true?
    >>> Even though HR has all my paper work, it continues to send
    >>> me "final notification" for outstanding documentation.
    >>> No wonder they are shorthanded... is there a big turn-over
    >>> rate there?
    >>> Await your response, thanks, James