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Ive been living in knoxville now for a year. In February this year I applied for my teaching licence, and upto now have not got it. Every time I call they are working on applications that got got to them on th 5th, the 6th and last time it was the7th of february. At that rate Iam looking at the whole year before they get to those that arrived on february 22nd. Another school year has passed me by. I had a preliminary credential from California and had just finished work on my clear credential when my husband found a job here. I had no Idea it was going to be this hard to find a job here. I dont see any schools with any openings for an English Teacher. I am really stumped and desperate. My certifacation in california was secondary English. I have already applied with knox county schools but have heard nothing. Help. What should I do?
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  • Munchkin /blockquote> I did not know it would be so difficult either. TN Dept of Ed lost my paperwork and said that I did not send it in. Coming from CA I made sure that I had done all of my running around before I left. I kept calling and finally I ...See More
    Aug 21, 2007 report post

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