Pregnancy Discrimination???

    Here is my situation - I at at a complete loss and am in
    shock and SCARED.I am a non-tenured teacher with 4 years of experience, but
    1st year at this school. I was just told my contract was NOT
    being renewed for next year - meaning my insurance will stop
    at the end of July as well as my paychecks.

    1. I have received ALL excellent and positive reviews from
    both my principal and special ed. director. (He even drew
    smily faces and a guy jumping up and down on them!)

    2. I have had NO complaints the whole year.

    3. I have been there and only was out 3 days total for my
    son having a fever.

    4. I get along with everyone there.

    5. I agreed to go back to school while teaching to get my
    special education certificate (only certified now k-8)

    My principal was and has been talking about my program for
    next year with me UP UNTIL I told him I was pregnant.
    However, he did not say it was because I was pregnant - it
    is policy not to say why you are non-renewed.

    I NEED ADVICE!!! What are my options? Do I have grounds for
    a lawsuit even though TN is a right to work state and
    non-tenured teachers can be dismissed for any reason? Can I
    prove I was let go for being pregnant?

    THANK YOU FOR ANY AND ALL ADVICE - I do not know what me and
    my family are going to do with me not having a good job!

    Scared to death,

    P.S. I am going to repost this on other boards too to try to
    find someone who can help.