Re: Pregnancy Discrimination???

    You should look for a new school. You can't make the
    principal want you to stay and he has the right to renew or
    not. If you don't have tenure, he is not obligated to
    explain the reason. And even if he had to give a reason, he
    would not admit it is the pregnancy, even if it was.

    I have seen many principals hire teachers when they were
    obviously pregnant, so it is not an impossible situation.

    On 4/29/08, Heather wrote:
    > Here is my situation - I at at a complete loss and am in
    > shock and SCARED.
    > I am a non-tenured teacher with 4 years of experience, but
    > 1st year at this school. I was just told my contract was
    > being renewed for next year - meaning my insurance will
    > at the end of July as well as my paychecks.
    > 1. I have received ALL excellent and positive reviews from
    > both my principal and special ed. director. (He even drew
    > smily faces and a guy jumping up and down on them!)
    > 2. I have had NO complaints the whole year.
    > 3. I have been there and only was out 3 days total for my
    > son having a fever.
    > 4. I get along with everyone there.
    > 5. I agreed to go back to school while teaching to get my
    > special education certificate (only certified now k-8)
    > My principal was and has been talking about my program for
    > next year with me UP UNTIL I told him I was pregnant.
    > However, he did not say it was because I was pregnant - it
    > is policy not to say why you are non-renewed.
    > I NEED ADVICE!!! What are my options? Do I have grounds for
    > a lawsuit even though TN is a right to work state and
    > non-tenured teachers can be dismissed for any reason? Can I
    > prove I was let go for being pregnant?
    > THANK YOU FOR ANY AND ALL ADVICE - I do not know what me
    > my family are going to do with me not having a good job!
    > Scared to death,
    > Heather
    > P.S. I am going to repost this on other boards too to try
    > find someone who can help.