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I don't teach in Tennessee (I'm from AZ)but I know that you all got the RTT grant. I am also assuming that you and Delaware are the field testers for this new program. I'll bet all 50 states will have to do what you are doing eventually. What kind of changes are coming for teachers and schools in TN? What are the positives and negatives of RTT for your state, or is it too early to tell? We just finished with our 4 year Reading First program and it was so difficult at times that, as much as I love teaching, I wanted to quit at times. How will you have to monitor progress of your students? I know testing and progress will be tied to salary and jobs. Do you think this is more realistic than Reading First or do you think it will be worse? Just wondering how some of you teachers are feeling about it. In AZ, we are having budget cuts like you wouldn't believe. Schools are laying off teachers and scrambling to find money to pay for basic costs like maintenance and fuel. I guess with the new f...See More
Lynne I think it's too early to tell how it will all unfold. I know that new end-of-course assessments will be coming and that teachers will be evaluated partially on value-added scores. Other than that I don't know yet.
Apr 27, 2010
emma Will they evaluate you on total scores of students or individual scores or both? Sounds like so much fun... not!
Apr 28, 2010
Lynne Tennessee has an elaborate tracking system of student test scores over their entire schooling career. The system also predicts the percentile that students will reach on future tests. If a student does not make the progress expected, it looks bad. Teachers, schools, and systems all have these "value-added" scores that show the progress students mak...See More
Apr 30, 2010
emma I went on the web and also found lots of info. on this. I'll bet that's one reason your state won the RTT funding. I can't say it's a bad thing-- it's got to be better than NCLB! It seems much more realistic and sensible than NCLB as far as teacher accountability. I guess this will be the next "big push" in education. Thanks again for sharing.
Apr 30, 2010

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