So... what's ahead for TN schools with Race to the Top?

    I don't teach in Tennessee (I'm from AZ)but I know that you
    all got the RTT grant. I am also assuming that you and
    Delaware are the field testers for this new program. I'll
    bet all 50 states will have to do what you are doing
    eventually. What kind of changes are coming for teachers
    and schools in TN? What are the positives and negatives of
    RTT for your state, or is it too early to tell? We just
    finished with our 4 year Reading First program and it was
    so difficult at times that, as much as I love teaching, I
    wanted to quit at times. How will you have to monitor
    progress of your students? I know testing and progress
    will be tied to salary and jobs. Do you think this is more
    realistic than Reading First or do you think it will be
    worse? Just wondering how some of you teachers are feeling
    about it. In AZ, we are having budget cuts like you
    wouldn't believe. Schools are laying off teachers and
    scrambling to find money to pay for basic costs like
    maintenance and fuel. I guess with the new funding, you
    will be better off than most states. Any feedback would be
    wecome. Thanks!