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How are the class sizes in East TN, specifically Blount, Sevier, and Knox counties? I am particularly interested in the elementary grades. Our K-2 classes are supposed to be 18 and under, but I already have 21, and the kids are still coming in. Our grades 3-5 are supposed to be 22 and under, but that is not happening either. Thanks for the info!
  • SouthFLTeacher Hi! Thank you so much for the information! Florida is supposed to have class size caps, although the state is trying to soften the law that was supposed to go into effect this school year. We are voting on it this November. Grades K-2 are suppose...See More
    Sep 15, 2010 report post
  • eiela80 Ours have inched up a bit since last year. K has close to 20, 3-5 has between 20 & 25. I believe it's state law here that they average under 25 in upper elementary, and primary grades is a bit lower. Does FL have something similar? With a...See More
    Sep 15, 2010 report post

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