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New press release, we have the 8th worst roads in the Country. Hmmm, is King Joe going to run to the Head of the Department of Highways and demand they fire all the state road workers? No, I'm sure he won't. but that’s what he wants Dr. Paine to do. Just a thought if we had better roads, maybe we could attract some jobs that college educated people wanted to do instead of supplying commuters on the Hillybilly Highway out of the state.

MOJO needs to stop his public attack on the State School System and start working with the teachers to work on change. Knowing several teachers, they are frustrated as he is and their hands are tied. There list of frustrations include kids missing massive amounts of days, lack of funding for basic needs (paper, pencils, etc), to students with IEP's getting by with everything and anything, unfunded mandates from the State and Federal governments, and not to mention the parents who don't have their kids ready to learn.

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GW This, too, will pass...
Mar 18, 2010
Blame a Teacher "Well, it IS your fault. You teachers didn't teach us state road workers the math skills we need to calculate the amount of hot patch we need to fill a hole. You know, that "volume" stuff? Each time we have a patch job, we have to make two or three trips back to the plant for more of that stuff to do the job. It's ALL your fault!"

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Mar 18, 2010
a couple of thoughts Our roads are in the shape they are in because...

1) We are one of the few states to take care of ALL the roads that are not city streets or private lanes. Using neighboring OH and PA as examples, State Road there only maintains the Federal and State Routes. All the side roads are left to the townships to maintain. This allows State Road t...See More
Mar 29, 2010

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