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My name is CJ Farnsworth and I am the Director of Academic Student Support Services at WV Northern Community College, as well as a former teacher in our secondary school systems.

I am interested in reaching out to retirees in Ohio, Brooke and Marshall counties regarding opportunities to tutor and mentor at WV Northern Community College. Our students could benefit from the expertise and experience of, what I believe to be, an untapped resource in our community - retired educators.

Tutoring and mentoring offer an opportunity to stay connected to education, the community and to engage socially, but on your own terms, in your own time.

WVNCC tutors and mentors are paid between $7.25 and $11.00 an hour and can virtually set their own schedules – working as few or as many hours as they are interested in working.

If you live in Ohio, Marshall or Brooke County and are interested in becoming a tutor or mentor - please contact Stephanie Smith at [email remov...See More

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