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I realize that I am posting on a teachers site, I am doing this because I want honest teachers advice. I have two daughters grades 6th and 10th, and neither one has EVER been in trouble in fact no teacher has ever called home. However every year (and I do mean every) I end up meeting with the principal because I cannot get teachers to post grades. Grades are supposed to be posted twice a week, however they are posted more like twice a month if that. When I politely ask most teachers about it, they become defensive and say they have too many students. Is this normal? Am I expecting too much? School starts tomorrow and I don't want to have to beg teachers again just to see my kids grades. Last year I had two teachers that did not post in 3 months. So I went to area superintendent and he told me that I was right and he would take care of it, which he did. However my fear is with a new set of teachers I will have to go through this all over again. How should I handle this?
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BA I totally agree that twice a week is really a lot to require. Some courses, some weeks, do have several grades to post. Others, as Melody mentioned, may not. If there's an open house, back-to-school night, you might ask teachers how often they post grades--and then check your daughters' grades a little less frequently than that. I'd suggest no more...See More
Aug 6, 2017
Deb ms/IA BA and Melody gave good responses to your question. Twice a week grading is almost impossible for most teachers. May I suggest you read the syllabus for your 10th graders courses. This sometimes is found online on the teacher's website or it may come home in a handout.

Middle school and high school teachers may have 120 things to grade an...See More
Aug 7, 2017
flacka If you have a student that is a borderline student or doesn't turn in work, then you need to keep up with what is going on. I agree that you need to step back and allow them some independence. Parents of the "good" kids often don't get as much feedback because their child is doing well and not causing any problems. That said, if you aren't overly c...See More
Aug 7, 2017
Sep 9, 2022
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