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Seriously considering a career change, but I have an inflexible 9-5 job. Online courses are my only option. Fairmont State University, has a Special Education MED (100% online). I did not plan on Special Education so I spoke with a guy in the FSU School of Education, but that was the ONLY online option. He mentioned that you could get the MED, pass the other state requirements to be a teacher, get licensed, and THEN take a PRAXIS test in the subject you desire and be eligible to teach that subject. He said his friend did that and switched to Social Studies.

Has anybody ever heard of this?
haha A lot of states allow you to add certification areas by testing, once you have established/been approved for a main certification area. If you have no interest in SPED and don't plan on teaching it though, it seems like a lot of wasted energy to get a degree/certification in it. Definitely think about exhausting all other options before going that ...See More
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