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Those who remember chatter cheri (Smith Wright Burrows) always in purple) in the chatroom years ago with all of us, may not know she passed away 3 days ago, Oct. 21, and now is with her Ken also from the chatroom. Check out her facebook page if you choose to

I post what her daughter Jodie stated.

My sweet mama, Cheri, is finally flying free. She passed away peacefully this afternoon. Thank you all so much for your love and stories. I'll update you all on the details of her celebration of life. Thinking it will be around the second week of November.

My mom had a heart of gold and she changed many people's lives by being a kind, understanding teacher. She loved me with all her heart. Her love was unconditional and I was lucky to be her daughter. I love you mom and I miss you so much (cheri has a Facebook page that her daughter Jodie, updated)


~Cher~ on Facebook as Cheryl DeMars Hobson

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