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Hi! I recently emailed the evaluation department, as suggested in a comment on one of my previous posts, and today I received a response from them . Now I am more confused and can not wait a week or two until they will get back with me to asnswer other questions I had. So, I the process of waiting to get re evaluated for math. All my classes taken at Univ of Phonix were not considered. They say because I provided an unofficial transcript, which is correct. Waiting to finish the last class to request an official transcript. So, am I correct to assume that ince they received the official transcript they will consider my courses taken at UoP? I emailed them.back with this question but I die to know now the answer.

Also, what can I do to have a course considered toeards the total credits, it at the initial evaluation and re evaluation it was not counted in towards the total number of credits I already have in the subject area? TIA
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elvato Hi sunny, it was this year when I submitted transcripts, (August) as mentioned earlier, they do ask that the courses be upper level, 200's or above is what I was told, although 200's is not quite upper level. I hope things work out in your favor.
Sep 29, 2017
sunny @elvato. Thanks for the info. May I ask if you got the course descriptions off the UoP website and just put together a word doc with the "overview-summary" section for each course? Would this format be ok to email to the HR person? I could also provide the web link for each course. TIA
Oct 2, 2017
elvato Hi Sunny, yes i did get the course descriptions from the U of P website. It took me a bit of time to find, but most of the course descriptions are there. I cut and pasted them on a Word doc. then I uploaded them on the attachment portion of the application. I suggest you do this prior to calling them, but do call them once you have done it, so your...See More
Oct 3, 2017
sunny @elvato. You are so kind to follow up on this discussion. Thanks a lot! I did the same, cooy/paste in a word doc but I did not attached my application ( thanks for the tip!), just sent an email to jeremy jones the only licensure analyst I have the email. I will make sure to attach the courses' description to my application asap. One...See More
Oct 4, 2017
elvato Hi Sunny, My HR rep always wanted everything posted, prior to me calling her. When you call the general number, (application/contact us) the person answering is most likely not your rep. When I called, and I called a lot, I asked the person if she could tell me who my rep was, she did. I then just asked her if she could please give me their e-mail....See More
Oct 5, 2017

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