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When entering into DPS: I get UB, HHG and NTS or UB, HHG, and HHG that turns into NTS.
haha It's been a while but I would think that it's the first one since I have only heard of NTS on the stateside side as opposed to HHG to your new location that then turns into NTS (unless I am misunderstanding the question).

Maybe someone who has done it more recently can give you a better answer.
Nov 5, 2017
Shenna The first one. I just scheduled mine last week.
Nov 6, 2017
Mary You do not have to use all three, but they are available. UB should arrive within 30-60 days, but not always. Mine was late. HHG should arrive within 60-90 days, mine was a little early. NTS is storage that you may wish you hadn't bothered with. These allowances are only available if you are moving overseas including American Territories (or moving...See More
Nov 10, 2017
italiangirl896 Oh, my! This original post sounded like a foreign language! Ha. I need to learn all these acronyms. Anywhere I might find the meaning for all of them? :)
Nov 24, 2017

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