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Has anyone else been waiting for the E-QIP email so they can get the background check started? I know that this could be an especially long process, so I am so eager to get it started. My principal keeps asking, and she made the comment that she has never known for this process to take so long. (This is for a stateside position, BTW. Not sure if that makes a difference).
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Laura I was able to get in contact with my VP through the Dodds Facebook group. She is going to check on Monday for me.
Coliveira77 Yay! Laura, that is exciting. I still haven't heard anything since my principal said she would check. I am fighting the urge to email my HR person again...
Coliveira77 So I just received the E-QIP email!! My future principal is a miracle worker!!! Good luck ladies! Reach out to Admin at your school. I think if they are eager too, they can help move things along. This is becoming real, and I am a bit nervous, but oh so excited!
Laura Yay!!!!! I'm so excited for you. Keep us posted on the timeline.
Nov 13
Coliveira77 I will, Laura! You guys will be the first to know, since I have gleaned so much info from this chat board! It has LITERALLY Helped put my worries (and me) to bed!

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