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Hi All,

I'm a 2018-2019 DODEA 'hopeful' and I'm wondering about teachers with young families. I'm currently in the ME where hired help is common and affordable. Is hiring a nanny a possibility in say Japan or Korea (my target locations). If not is childcare affordable?

My children will be 5,4, and 2 next school year. My husband is finishing his current contract here in the ME and won't be able to join us until the Sping 2019.

Any and all information is appreciated. I've been DREAMING about a position with DODEA for many years but I'm worried about my family situation.
haha I think the details will vary from location to location. It would likely be a different situation from the ME (and China where we have taught where you could hire an aiiee pretty cheaply., even for fulltime/live in help).

All bases would have a Child Development Center if nothing else. Rates vary a bit but would likely run around $100 a we...See More
Dec 7, 2017

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