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I'm finally filling out an application. So, I have a question in regard to what it is asking about my degree. It asks "Highest Degree Completed." So, I listed my master's. A few lines later, it asked if I graduated with honors. I graduated with a 4.0, but there was/is no honors designation with that graduate program. I did graduate Summa Cum Laude with my undergraduate. Should I say no? (I feel that is an inaccurate representation of my performance!) or yes, although there was no official honors designation, aside from my undergrad?
haha It's a judgement call. Claiming the honors probably does not giver you any great advantage but it may contribute to your overall competency rating which could matter at some point. On the other hand making any "false" claims could invalidate your application and shut you out of any opportunity with DoDEA.

On the 3rd hand, it will probably ...See More
Dec 29, 2017
SandArt I had the same for undergrad and my master's only stated graduated with distinction. Check your diploma. If you graduated with distinction, that is honors for graduate school.

My sister graduated from a different university and also has graduated with distinction on her diploma instead of summa cum laude. I think those labels are only for...See More
Dec 30, 2017
Mary Look at the back of your transcript. Mine actually described what each title meant. They went from using Latin to using English and explained the equivalents, so I knew which to check On the application.
Feb 22

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