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Hi guys. I have my master's in school psychology, but I moved overseas after my internship to a country that does not have school psychologists and was not able to continue down that career path. I started teaching English and fell in love with the job so I decided to get my teaching certificate back home. Since I was overseas, I had to take an online teacher certification program. I signed up for the Teacher Ready program that is offered through the University of West Florida. To make a long story short, I got my teaching certificate and will have 2 years of experience at a large public school system in Virginia before the 2018-2019 school year. I keep reading about how university credit is important on this chatboard.

My question is: does anyone have any experience or know of any teachers that got hired coming through an online teacher certification program (keeping in mind that I do have my master's in school psychology)? I know that the University of West Florida accepts 1...See More
haha The online part is not a big deal. I had my BA in a non-teaching area and got certified through an alternative pathway to teach in the states. I then got my Masters in SPED through an online program. DoDEA had no problem with any of that.

With state certification you would generally only need half of the credit hours normally required by D...See More
Dec 30, 2017
willhappen Thanks for your reply. I have to say that upon reading through the thread, you're comments have been very helpful! However, I must be blind, because I do not see a specific list of accepted courses, just general subject areas. I completed my application for an elementary 1-3 position, so I guess I have to wait until DODEA reviews my application. So...See More
Dec 30, 2017
haha Ah, you hadn't posted your specific area of certification. You would have likely been better off if you were going for a more general secondary certification where some of your BA/Masters classes would have counted (History classes, etc.). As BH posted, for elementary certification DoDEA will be looking for very specific teaching methods courses. O...See More
Dec 30, 2017
Mary You can add other areas to your application even now, if you think you qualify.
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