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Hello all, I was wondering how long does is usually take for qualifications to be reviewed in EAS? My qualifications right now just say "pending". Also, do you need to have your employee evaluations submitted before they review the application. I chose to submit a paper evaluation, and don't know if I can go back and submit a online evaluation instead.
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haha I would agree, when in doubt try HR for specific questions. It can take days or many months depending on the time of year, your area of certification, etc.

I believe that your file is not officially active until you submit all required section and get all green check marks on your EAS. I am not sure whether they will review your quals befo...See More
Jan 2, 2018
BubbleHead I submitted my application in May and my quals were evaluated on Dec 15th. Also during that same time other people submitted their application and had their quals evaluated after a couple of weeks.
Jan 3, 2018
sunny It speeds up the process if you write an email or call HR and kindly ask to have your apolication reviewed. It worked for me. Idk if I can post an email address here if not just send me a pm and will gladly share it.
Jan 3, 2018
Jello76 @haha Who did you contact, or what number did you contact for HR? I'm looking for a good contact who can answer my questions.
Jan 8, 2018
haha My last contact/need to communicate with the recruitment folks at HR was a fair amount of years ago (thankfully!). Start with the general email and telephone and try and find out who is responsible for your file. If/when you make contact with them you are likely to get better answers than trying to get a random person to answer your general questio...See More
Jan 8, 2018

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