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I'm a special education teacher, with a Masters degree in special education. There appears to be five different endorsements under special education for the DoD, which are:

0415 Assessor (Special Education)

0417 Teacher, Severe/Multiple Disabilities

0420 Mildly Learning Imp

0423 Teacher, Moderately/Severely Learning Imp

0427 Emotionally Impaired

After they evaluated my certification and transcripts, they only qualified me under "Mildly Learning Imp." As I work to get other endorsements, does anyone know which Special Ed endorsements have the most demand?
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cckarst Thanks haha! Is an assessor their version of a school psychologist? What role do they play?
haha No problem. No, the Assessor is just responsible for conducting assessments for SPED referrals, triennial reviews, etc. Generally it's WJ Achievement Testing, processing, etc. They also write reports, syntheses and chair meetings in some locations.

School Psych. do intellectual testing, FBA's, social/adaptive behavioral scales and some the...See More
SpedTeacher74 All of the interviews I've had wanted to know about my experience with co-teaching, so that is something they seem to be looking for. I just finished a class and submitted my transcript to increase my certification areas. Like you, they only qualified me in the 420 areas.
cckarst SpedTeacher74, what locations have you interviewed for? I'm curious because I only put Europe and stateside locations as my preferred locations. I'm glad to hear you still had interviews only being qualified in 420 areas. What other questions did they ask in SpEd interviews? I appreciate the response!
Jan 12
haha @ SPEDTeacher: that's interesting/amusing since co-teaching is virtually non-existent in my experience.
Jan 12

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