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I'm a special education teacher, with a Masters degree in special education. There appears to be five different endorsements under special education for the DoD, which are:

0415 Assessor (Special Education)

0417 Teacher, Severe/Multiple Disabilities

0420 Mildly Learning Imp

0423 Teacher, Moderately/Severely Learning Imp

0427 Emotionally Impaired

After they evaluated my certification and transcripts, they only qualified me under "Mildly Learning Imp." As I work to get other endorsements, does anyone know which Special Ed endorsements have the most demand?
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haha @ SPEDTeacher: that's interesting/amusing since co-teaching is virtually non-existent in my experience.
Jan 12, 2018
Mary Although co-teaching is rare, I think it is great when teachers are willing and able to do it well.
Feb 22, 2018
SpedTeacher74 I must have missed your follow up question in January...sorry. I don't know which schools use co-teaching models and which don't in DoDEA, however they asked me about it in an interview for a position in Japan, Korea and Ft. Campbell, KY. At that point I had no actual experience co-teaching. Now, I am a co-teacher for high school American History, ...See More
Feb 22, 2018
Wanderlust SpedTeacher74, I have been collaborative teaching in the Gen Ed sector for the past 15 years in the district I teach for. It is a commonality in the state of Colorado. I have collaborated in ELA, Math, and Social Studies. It is a really good experience and makes for great relationship building. The opportunity to work with Special Needs and Gen Ed ...See More
Feb 22, 2018
SpedTeacher74 I'm really enjoying the co-teaching a lot more than I thought I would. My co-teacher is a first year teacher, so I was afraid in the beginning it might be tough, but he's probably the best first year teacher I've ever seen. I do have to handle a lot of the discipline issues though, partially because a lot of those kids are on my caseload and becaus...See More
Feb 23, 2018

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