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Got a referral for a position last week. Wondering how long it normally takes to be notified if you have been selected for an interview? How long should you optimistically wait before deciding you were not selected for an interview?
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Cmc Yes, in my case it is a school nurse position.
Sandra09 Good Luck CMC. To clarify you said you are local in Japan?Where in Japan are you looking?
Jun 22
Cmc Yes, I'm local in Japan. I am looking only at my particular base. Good luck to you as well.
Mary @Sandra09 and CMc, I was pretty sure all the locations with school nurse vacancies had local qualified hires. I with you both the best of luck. If you are hired, you will join a great group of nurses.
Jun 23
Cmc I'm local, but I have not received an interview request and it's been over a week when I received my referral notification. Not feeling optimistic for this year :(
Jun 23

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