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Which location is preferable and why?
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Mary I liked Fort Knox. I liked the access to the interstate that ran from Indiana to Alabama and it was easy access to Ohio as well.

Rent for three bedroom one-level was about $900/month and included utilities. We as civilians do NOT have access to commissary or Exchange. See the DECA website and My for more details. We can purch...See More
Jul 14
afwife You must have military ID for the BX and Commissary. Some will sometimes check at the shopette. "Persistence" will not change this. (In the US) It would be dishonest to try to access these things otherwise. A CAC card for Teachers is NOT military ID.
15 hours
Limes By persistent...I've asked on two separate occasions. I am curious though as to how you view DoD civilians using the px or commissary as being dishonest? I know for a fact other individuals who have no military ID or any connections that are granted access and have a CAC card containing a marking which grants access. These individuals are not retir...See More
12 hours
Limes Stateside commissary and px sales have been declining at many stateside locations. Here at Ft. Knox many choose to go off post and head straight to Walmart for groceries etc. Since we do live on post we would love to shop on post and support our commissary.
12 hours
Mary @Limes, the commissary and Exchange will check your ID. They will let you know that you cannot shop there. Your CAC must indicate on it that you are eligible to use these facilities. Someone on TDY from overseas for example, will have on their CAC that they can access these facilities overseas and their travel orders may indicate they can use them ...See More
4 hours

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