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I'm wondering, is a referral automatically generated everytime a position becomes open or does the school go through the process of looking at PCSers and local hires first and THEN go to CONUS and ask for referrals? Just me obsessing...
haha When a principal has a need, they submit to HR to recruit for that position. At that point, referral lists are generated. In general, they should have to review/reject the list of local applicants before they can hire from CONUS. In theory, a candidate does not count as a local hire until they have actually relocated to the commuting area of the sc...See More
Oct 15
Mary I think you are considered a local hire when you produce orders to be in the area.
Oct 29
Cmc I was a local applicant that was qualified on a referral list OCONUS and the lei principal hired a CONUS candidate and I didn't even get called for an interview so it could go either way it seems.
Oct 30

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