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I was reading the job requirements for APs, and it listed a master's or doctorate in educational administration. This is going to sound really dumb, but how does a master's or doctorate in educational leadership compare? Are they basically the same thing? My gut tells me yes, but it makes me nervous.

By the way, there are no openings at the moment, I am just being proactive.
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haha It does make you wonder why they are not as picky about their admins' experience/credentials as they seem to be about their teachers'. Or maybe they are, and they just honestly believe that it's not important that a DoDEA admin actually have experience of doing the job of the people they will be managing (or at least have managed them before, somew...See More
Oct 18, 2019
Snow Lane Educational Leadership and Educational Administration are interchangeable in DoDEA. You don't have to have experience as an admin, but you must have the degree. They are pretty firm on that. They seem to prefer people with leadership experience, whether as a district leader outside the gates or an ISS. They do hire teacher leaders too, but my under...See More
Oct 18, 2019
haha I don't want to run anyone down personally but I'm pretty sure if that person had ever been a teacher in any capacity then they would have included that information (since they included all kinds of other educationally related and non-educationally related experience).

If they had been a teacher and didn't think that merited a mention, tha...See More
Oct 18, 2019
HelpOthers Hmmmm. Most announcements were internal hires.
Oct 29, 2019
RJ True, yet the only announcement I've seen has been for a principal position stateside. I'm assuming that the internal hires were already in the pool that was formed at the beginning of the school year.
Oct 30, 2019

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