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Has anyone on here applied to Guam from the EAS while in DoDEA already? I am looking into it for my high three but EAS indicates that you need to have a recommendation from your current admin. Must it be the form from EAS, can they just pull our reviews of MyBiz, or can it be a letter?
Icanread Unfortunately it has to be the form from EAS. I got excessed last week and updated my EAS just in case. I added my current principal and she received an automated form to fill out my evaluation.
Jan 19
teacher42 A follow up question here. I'm DoDEA and added Guam, and got no message from EAS indicating I had to do anything more. @onthemove -- what form did your indication take? @Icanread -- are you saying I need to add my current principal to my references section on EAS to be considered for Guam? Thanks.
Jan 19
teacher42 I should clarify that I am already employed DoDEA Far East, not just an applicant.
Jan 19
onthemove I didn't get an indication, rather, somewhere on that reference page, it notes that you must have one from your current admin. I entered my current admin but didn't select for it to send a form. From what Icanread has posted, it seems like I will need to do so.
Jan 20
teacher42 @onthemove Thanks for the heads up!
Jan 21

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