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Need to common sense advice. I would would really like to get to Europe for a few years to teach. How silly or advisable to apply for Europe and virtual school? Ids virtual a full-time job and can you live anywhere? Any wisdom would be appreciated. I am hesitant to list Japan because from what I have read, it seems that once you are located somewhere, it is very difficult to transfer. Thanks!
haha If you only want/would be happy in Europe, then just put that. I am hopeful that a transfer program of some type will return, but my hope and optimism doesn't really cost me anything since I don't really plan on moving from Japan anytime soon, if ever.

I believe Virtual is/can be a full time job. I also believe VT have to live/relocate to...See More
Feb 25
oldpoop85 Thank you! I agree, if you are happy, why move? BTW, I have another question but will ask under a new heading. We all do really appreciate the support and advice you provide!
Feb 25
Icanread For the virtual school, you must live in or move to the area where the hub you are hired for is located. The Hubs are in Virginia (I believe), Okinawa, and Germany. You are not able to work remotely from anywhere.
Feb 25
oldpoop85 Interesting.....Germany. :)

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