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I had an interview last year. I was all enthusiastic, sharing how I would inspire students, while the principal had a stone face the whole time. We didn't have any extra interactions or small talks besides asking and answering the questions. I didn't get it. I thought, "okay, I've learned a lesson." This year, the principal was very friendly and humorous. But I felt I sounded too textbook-professional and calm. I felt I wasn't able to match that level of humor... I also probably used too many buzz words... Any feedback from current teachers? What are the principals REALLY looking for? I hope they don't hire people in the first 6 seconds like what every psychologist says. Hahaaa
haha There are probably as many answers as there as principals. And those answers may change from year to year or even interview to interview.

In general, principals want someone that they perceive (based on educations/experience, references, exam results, interview answers) to be a very good teacher AND who is likely to be a great fit/addition...See More
lalaland Thanks for your feedback! I am very aware that there are many factors, and yes those thoughts drive me crazy. LOL! I feel like for both interviews, I tried too hard to predict what they might like to hear. I guess I just really have to be myself & be confident, and see where it takes me.
Islandgirl They want someone they can mold. Be yourself, a self starter, willing to learn a new system and follow plans with fidelity. You can never predict what they want because Dodds is a mesh and a good place to work. Good luck.
Frank In the past I've been part of a panel conducting interviews with the principal. I thought every single candidate that interviewed was excellent. So just because you didn't get the job, it doesn't mean that you weren't fantastic. Keep trying, and don't ruminate or obsess over what might have gone wrong. I got hired after an interview that I thought ...See More

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