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I have heard that principals and assistant principals can be very harsh and strict; that they manage and discipline more like a dictator. I know that is a general statement. I'm curious if this is just one person's experience or is there some truth to it?
haha I'm sure it varies wildly but that has not been my experience or someone else's experience that I have heard very often.

DoDEA admin seem to run the same gamut as admin anywhere (e.g. stateside, int'l schools, etc.), from excellent all around leaders and people to incompetent and personality/empathy impaired.

Most are likely somew...See More
May 31, 2020
IsItFriday? The first three letters in DoDEA stand for the Department of Defense.

This organization comes with a Chain of Command that includes the Secretary of Defense.

"Dictator" is the wrong word to use, but the chain of command is rather rigid and inflexible. And there are times when you have to accept your orders or move on. The organiza...See More
Jun 1, 2020
MsW Honestly a lot of public school principals (who are effective and fair) are also like that! You have to adjust and adapt to whatever work culture you land in. My worst principal was a person with a good heart who could never make a decision..
Jun 1, 2020

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