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I am trying to expand my chances of being referred and selected. I currently hold certification in the following secondary math and a degree in curriculum and instruction.

I know that if I take additional coursework I can possibly be certified to teach other subjects through DoDDs. So that is one option and the second is to get my elementary certification.

Can you guys suggests best online schools to receive additional coursework credit?

Again, thank you in advance!
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Shawna11 And no, if your licenses by your state, you just need 15 hours. Otherwise, 24 for MS and 30 for HS
Jun 30
Shawna11 you're ** licensed** --- typos :/ lol
Jun 30
mathgeek Thank you! Do you know what level the course needs to be or are they looking to see that you have some type of knowledge in a subject area?
Jun 30
haha For secondary subjects they usually spell out a certain number of hours needing to be "upper level" (generally 12). Upper level would usually be at least 300/400 level under graduate courses (graduate level will also work for that requirement and would come in handy to qualify for a higher salary lane).
Jun 30
ecd5 It really depends on your undergraduate and graduate coursework not your teaching certifications. You have to send your transcripts and HR will tell you exactly what classes you need to add for a specific category. I've sent mine in and then had to write back course descriptions and how they actually apply to the coursework they are requesting. ...See More

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